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Teaching and Learning in the Metaverse

The Virtual Worlds Education Consortium began in January 2021. Its purpose is to bring educators in virtual worlds together, both to share what has been successful and to tackle obstacles across different platforms and communities. Through meeting quarterly, educational communities can collaborate and document progress on best practices for teaching and learning in virtual environments. As a dynamic ongoing process, VWEC is open to all interested in education.

Where: VWEC Welcome Plaza (SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/VWEC%20Eduverse/219/105/45)

When: Quarterly (January, April, July, and October – Wednesday at 9am SLT/Pacific). Check the Events Calendar below for dates. You can also read the meetings’ logs here.


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Vision Statement

The goal of the Virtual Worlds Education Consortium (VWEC) is to bring educators together to share what practices have been successful and to tackle obstacles across virtual platforms and communities.

Mission Statement

The Virtual Worlds Education Consortium connects educators, learners, digital citizens and virtual communities of learning to share and develop best practices for teaching and learning in virtual spaces.

Objectives and Guiding Principles

1) To be a fully collaborative and inclusive venture, open to all virtual world educators
2) To support all educators and educational communities who utilize virtual environments, academic, higher ed, K-12, teachers, life-long learners.
3) To support, share successes, resources and address challenges

Purpose of the Edu Reserve

The purpose of the SL Educational SIM move is to bring educational communities together in a main grid with goals that include:

1) creating welcoming educational spaces that newcomers can easily find, that promote interaction among residents, and that provide safe, fun, attractive and easy links to the larger educational community.

2) providing educators already active in SL with a safe networking and teaching environment that addresses the concerns of their institutions’ administrators.

3) affording a gateway experience that can be used to encourage groups and institutions not already in SL to perceive the educational value of social virtual worlds.

4) advancing collaborative educational opportunities.

5) documenting and archiving best practices of learning in virtual environments.

6) advocating the educational potential for Second Life to new learners and educators.

7) supporting diversity and inclusion.

Educators who do not choose to move to the new VWEC Eduverse grid will still be featured by VWEC, included in the directory and may have a portal for easy location.

For guidelines and the Move Form:


“As the educational community has continued to thrive in Virtual Worlds, likely supported by recent events, it keeps coming up that coordinating efforts might be beneficial to all in the educational community. For this reason, we are reaching out to our educational communities to see if you are interested in joining together with educators of Second Life, and other VWs, periodically to look at common large-scale issues together, to promote communication and support for educational efforts across educational groups and others involved in the design and implementation of educational programs in virtual venues.”

Dr. Becky Adams, educator, 2020