VWEC is pleased to invite you and your students to join us for the First Annual Fall 2023 VWEC Second Life Student Challenge – Serious Simulations in the Metaverse!   Similar to a programming challenge (aka Hack-a-thon), we hope this building challenge will give you one more Virtual World tool to engage your students with your content. This event will be open-ended enough to let you fit it into your content, but will include a rubric to inform your students with best practices for building and teaching in Second Life. It will run for 2 months, beginning

Minetest Summer Camp 2023 1st and 3rd Saturdays at 10am Pacific Time   June 3rd and 17th July 1st and 15th Aug 5th and 19th   Instructions for entering VWEC Minetest   Objectives: to familiarize educators with Minetest and ways to utilize it.   Lessons 1. Basic Minetest Skills (setting home, skins, teleportation, crafting tools, user interface) 2. Gardening and survival (food and shelter) 3. Mining (digging and cave exploration, minerals) 4. Explore biomes, builds, shops & transportation methods 5. Learn communication systems (signs, books) 6. Brainstorming project ideas and ways to help other educators   Contact Valibrarian

The Models of Teaching will provide InWorld examples of using VWs to teach, located at the Eduverse Plaza. Expert instructors who have used Virtual Worlds as a technology to teach their classes have created an exhibit to share their approaches. They will share their their classrooms and why they chose that approach. Instructors will share examples, models, notecards, posters, video and provide a SLURL to see the their full classroom experience. These are diverse in content and include K-12, Higher Ed and eventually Lifelong Learning instructors. They will be opened at the VWEC Anniversary Celebration on Saturday May