Minetest Summer Camp 2023

1st and 3rd Saturdays at 10am Pacific Time


  • June 3rd and 17th
  • July 1st and 15th
  • Aug 5th and 19th


Instructions for entering VWEC Minetest


Objectives: to familiarize educators with Minetest and ways to utilize it.



1. Basic Minetest Skills (setting home, skins, teleportation, crafting tools, user interface)

2. Gardening and survival (food and shelter)

3. Mining (digging and cave exploration, minerals)

4. Explore biomes, builds, shops & transportation methods

5. Learn communication systems (signs, books)

6. Brainstorming project ideas and ways to help other educators


Contact Valibrarian Gregg valibrarian@gmail.com or OliveTree Lighthouse olivetree.lighthouse@gmail.com for more information